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Welcome to our website!

FriMUN - Fribourg Model United Nations - is an organisation of the University of Fribourg that simulates the General Assembly of the United Nations. As such, each member of FriMUN gets to choose a country and represent its interests as a delegate. Every semester we have different topics to be discussed. Current and previous topics include "fighting pandemics", "the migrant crisis", and "cybersecurity".

Being open to all students, FriMUN is one of the most welcoming student societies at the University of Fribourg. Over time it has become a favourite of Erasmus students from Europe and around the world. In the fall semester, our members gather to debate global issues in our weekly debates, always embracing our spirit and values. At the beginning, the main purpose of our student organisation was to serve as a platform for a handful of members to participate in international MUNs, such as WorldMUN and discussing global issues which need to be addressed. Nowadays our goal is to raise students’ interest in global issues and give them the opportunity to participate in debates, workshops as well as national and international MUN Conferences.

If you want to know more about FriMUN visit our website: https://www.fribourgmun.com or our social media accounts:

- Facebook: FRIMUN

- Instagram: fribourgmun

- Twitter: FribourgMUN




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