Who are we?

Switzerland’s First Student Law Review

The Quid? – Fribourg Law Review is a scientific student law journal which is run by students and which publishes contributions in the area of the law written by students of the University of Fribourg. The Quid ? is multilingual (en/fr/de/it), semestrial and available in print as well as online.

Association’s Story – Word of the Founders

At the beginning of the 2013/14 university year, seven master students came together to discuss an idea: why not create a law review, where students at the University of Fribourg can publish their papers?
The model existed in the United States and other countries, but not in Switzerland. There are Swiss legal journals but they do not regularly publish law students’ papers and are often associated with one area of law in particular. Our goal was to create a forum for students to publish on a wide array of topics.
Over the course of six months, we decided on a name, created a logo, a design for the law review, a social media presence and promoted the project amongst the students and the professors. With the generous support of the law faculty and related foundations, we had enough funding to publish the first edition.
However, it was not until the deadline for article submission elapsed in February 2014 and numerous students had actually taken the time to contribute their work to the project, that we realized that our idea was actually going to come to fruition and we would really be publishing the first student law review in Switzerland.
Our first edition contained six articles, in three languages covering various areas of the law, from students of all levels at the University of Fribourg. We celebrated the official launch of “Quid? Fribourg Law Review” on April 2, 2014, with over 70 people in attendance at the Hall d’Honneur of Fribourg's Miséricorde campus.

"We are looking forward to growing this project and having you join us for the future of “Quid?”.

  • Founding Members
    • Nadja Al Kanawati (Master de)
    • Krisztina Balogh (Master de)
    • Hélène Bruderer (Master fr)
    • Barna Denes (Master fr)
    • Philippe Florinetti (Master fr/de)
    • Matthias Lanzoni (Master fr)
    • Louis Muskens (Master fr/de)
  • Statutes

    Quid? Fribourg Law Review est une association à but non lucratif (art. 60 Code Civil Suisse) qui dispose des organes suivants:


    • Comité éditorial
    • Comité consultatif
    • Assemblée générale
    • Membres honoraires


    Lis nos statuts (de/fr)